St Oswald's stands at the heart of Fulford village, a southerly suburb of York. We're close to the University, down the road from Imphal barracks, not far from town, and right on the A19, the main route into York from the south.

We have a range of services and activities where we hope people of all ages and backgrounds can not only make themselves at home but worship and and grow in knowledge of God's love. The hope and vision of St Oswald's is to know God, and to make him known to others. There's something for everyone here, and it's our hope that locals of all ages, as well as students and visitors, will find themselves at home in our church - and at home with God.


Our Project 150+ Redevelopment Programme is moving onwards. Here is the latest update and the current letter. You are warmly invited to join us and be part of this exciting venture that God has planned for us all!

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