A View From The Park

We have journeyed through the season of Lent in preparation for the celebration of Easter.
On Maundy Thursday Jesus stepped in to do the foot-washing duty of a servant commanding the disciples to follow His example and be prepared to serve others. And on that night Jesus gave us a meal to remember - the Holy Communion -  which gave a new significance to the Passover that had reminded the Jews of God saving them from slavery in Egypt but now spoke of being saved from slavery of a different kind. Good Friday marked the point in human history when the power of sin and the consequences of separation from God were dealt with as Jesus willingly went to the Cross. Here was the death of sin. And then Easter Sunday! What’s going on? A dead man alive again! And seen by women who had gone to finish the funeral rites! Appearing to disciples who had locked the doors because they were frightened they would be next! Meeting women walking back home from Jerusalem! Sharing breakfast on a beach!  And this was just the start!

The Church is now journeying through the period between Easter and Pentecost during which time Jesus appeared to more than 500 people who were left in no doubt that He was alive! Before His death Jesus had promised that He’d rise again after three days (which the disciples hadn’t understood at all by the way). He had also said that when he returned to his Father in heaven (the Ascension) his disciples would not be left alone. What could that mean?
At Pentecost we will celebrate that Jesus did indeed keep His word, and the Holy Spirit was received by the disciples then, and is to be a gift for all future disciples.
Unlike Lent, with its emphasis on self examination and repentance, the period between Easter and Pentecost is one of moving through the journey of loss and coming to terms with the reality of a promised new beginning and receiving the Holy Spirit.

‘Thy Kingdom Come’ [TKC]
In preparation for Pentecost this year St Oswald’s will again be taking part in TKC 10th - 20th May 2018 - a global wave of prayer - wwwthykingdomcome.global.
During this period St Oswald’s will be inviting members of the community to vote on areas of concern as they see them and then we, as a church, will offer to pray for them.
Details of this opportunity to ‘Have your say and pray’ with be publicised nearer the time.

‘Thy Kingdom Come’ this year coincides with the Archbishop of York’s Deanery Missions which, like his Pilgrimage of 2016, has taken him to every part of York Diocese. His mission is to challenge every parish to share the good news that Jesus offers to everyone.

From Friday 18th, Saturday 19th and Pentecost Sunday 20th May the Archbishop of York will be joining the churches of York in the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ mission. There will be a special celebration service on Pentecost Sunday evening in York Minster. You are most warmly invited to attend.


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