Time Out is coming back! 

Time Out is an ideal opportunity for elderly citizens in our community to meet together for an afternoon of fun and entertainment while enjoying good company, a drink and some home-made cake! We don’t have a lower or upper age limit. Some of our guests are housebound and we aim to provide transport for them to and from each meeting. We also have guests who rely on wheelchairs, and we have a team of wheelchair pushers to make sure they arrive on time. Of course, we have guests who arrive on foot and sometimes in a taxi.

Our programme is varied but usually begins with Happy Birthday wishes followed by a quiz, and then poems and readings interrupted with fun and laughter.

The sharing of tea and home-made cakes is an important time to get to know each other, catching up with news and having a real good natter.

After refreshments we have our main, live entertainment which our guests love! One of our favourites is welcoming the children from St Oswald’s Primary School to sing for us. They usually visit twice a year as well as contributing to our Christmas Party. We have had groups playing saxophones; guitars playing Hank Marvin hits; and keyboard players as well as singers with songs from the shows and some 1950’s hits as well as Al Johnson songs.